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Web Data Extractor.

Automatic Web Scraping

Web Data Extractor allows e-commerce professionals to automatically retrieve and analyse data found on the web..

Analyse your market

To be competitive, it is imperative to keep a watchful eye on your competitive environment. The reasons for which Web Scraping can be applied vary : Analyse a market, identify clients, suppliers or even monitor prices. With Web Data Extractor, the automatic and real time extraction of data from the web has been streamlined.

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Data from the Web without the need to code

By using algorithms exclusive and dedicated to data mining, Web Extractor isolates, collects and qualifies any type of data on the web. No knowledge of programming needed, this web scraper is built around your business needs and our team will handle its development.

Any data, all the time

Collect all types of data from HTML (web parser): text, emails, telephone numbers, prices, media (images, videos, …). Web Data Extractor will index all information instantly, from thousands of web pages at the rate/frequency desired. All websites can be exploited, e-commerce sites, advertisements, social media sites.

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How does it work ?

Identify the data
Specify the areas/zones of the page which Web Data Extractor will need to extract, and supply the URLs required.

Web data extraction
The Web Data Extractor software will automatically extract the raw data required and multiple times if needed.

Management of Data
This raw information is treated and inventorised for a more streamlined usage and superior exploitation.

Use the data collected without limit by using the structured CSV files or by using the text format file available from your mail server or FTP.

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Easy-to-use data
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