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  • After spending alot of time and money trying other solutions i came across Smart Price. They offered me a walk through demonstration with a very informative and knowledgeable member of staff. After seeing the demo it was clear that this was what i needed. Other solutions out there dont have the level of functions, compatibility with Magento and level of service Smart Price has. Technical support is there for you when ever you need it, and sometimes out of hours. Price for this is unbelievable, We had paid for the first months subscription in the first 48hrs of the add on being installed. The biggest thing that i love is that our Magento selling price is updated many times a day and repriced in the backend

    Flush Bathrooms

    Hero 5

    Smart Price does exactly what we needed. We are monitoring prices of more than 19.000 different products daily.
    When you see it working, you only think how awesome it is. It is not difficult at all to get used to use and configure it, rules of configuration are very flexible, so you may model your pricing in function of your catalog: category, margin, brand... anything you need.
    Regarding support If you need support the guys on BMS give instant support in less than a day.


    Hero 12

    For our Dutch shop we needed a solution for and Google Shopping. Our choice was Smartprice and although it's a French organisation (and we're Dutch - perhaps language problems and different market?), we are very happy about them and the software.
    We have been impressed by this software. It takes a little while before it is set up properly, but if it is, it works great. The support is excellent. The boys from Boost My Shop always think with you (they know how to calculate) and provide the correct settings, if you do not come out your selve. Overall, a super solution.


    Hero 12

    We have been using Smart price for a few months now. It takes some time to set up and fine-tune it.
    But once that is done, it works and does what it needs to do! Prices are always up to date, adapting to our competitors, Not selling to high, but also not to low. The solution is very flexible and i can change my pricing strategy as much as needed. I create an new pricing rule, I test it then it goes live.
    Support works great! Tickets are resolved really fast, and they think in solutions.
    I would recommend it!


    Hero 12
  • I wish i had known this tool earlier : defining our actions becomes clear and logical with precious information Carl provides. We save time : no need to track competition ourselves anymore.

    Edwin H.

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    Perfect tool for merchants ! We've been using it for 2 months now, and we can no longer do without it. The interface is user friendly and data are well-chosen to build best strategies. Daily information enable us to act instantly.


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    We were looking for a complete competitive intelligence solution. Carl allowed us to monitor our competitors daily with clear and useful reports : it has been a real companion for our marketing strategies

    Alexander V.

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  • We started to use Price tracker for our Amazon account. We quickly saw that price tracker was perfect for our domain. Prices are often changing and having the best price is a constant challenge. Fortunately, price tracker is able to get us every information we need !

    Philip L.


    Hero 2

    Exactly what we needed ! We were able to spy our competitors and get precious data ! when we saw the high potential of this pricinglab's solution we decided to try smart price. Now we let the tool change our prices itself. We don't even think about it !

    Julie P.


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    We tried a lot of different reporting solutions, but only one was the best one. With its reports, following and tracking position, we can say Price tracker is the perfect solution for every online sellers.

    John W

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