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Guide for Smart Price on Prestashop - Easy Setup

SMART PRICE for Prestashop

smart price

Smart Price monitors and analyses your competition in real time no matter the sales platform or comparison site : your competitor’s site, marketplaces (Amazon, Priceminister, FNAC, Cash Express, ManoMano etc…) or Google Shopping.

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Integrated in Prestashop, Smart Price is fully secured. Discover Smart Price Easy Setup : the easy to install, easy to configure, get started immediately.


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Setup video of Smart Price for Prestashop

smart price

To install Smart Price on Prestashop with ease, watch our video tutorial.
Start repricing in a few clicks!

Head over to the menu Module and Services. Download Smart Price from the
Prestashop Addons marketplace. You may then choose the version of the module which corresponds to the version of your website.

The version for 1.6 or the version for 1.7, both of which are currently available.

Once the module has been downloaded, you will need to return to the primary screen and add the chosen module.
Proceed with the installation using the install button. Smart Price’s installation wizard will launch automatically.

installation smart price

On the first window it is possible to contact our team via a button or you may launch the wizard.

Identify yourself by using your current Smart Price account, or you may create one. For this, you simply need to input your name and email address. Once validated a password will be automatically created for you and sent to the email you inputted.

At this stage you will need to select which channels you wish to monitor and which you would like your prices to be adjusted on.

amazon smart price configuration

In the following example we will be selecting the channels : Amazon UK and Google Shopping UK. It's possible to chose over several marketplaces for several countries, such as : Priceminister, la Fnac, Darty, Cdiscount, Rakuten, ...
The [Next] button will allow you to move on to the following configuration step of the selected channels

In this first section we will defining the different rules we will want applied to our price adjustment (Repricing)

In this example we will be using a profit margin rule of 5% (this will be the minimum margin you wish to obtain from your sales.

It is equally possible to define a margin when there are no competitors : this means that when you are the only seller on a marketplace, this margin will automatically be applied, 25% in our example.

Optional : You may also select a maximum profit for Smart Price to not go beyond no matter the conditions.

During this essential step you will be defining the price adjustment rule based on the competitor who is currently holding the Buy Box.

A default margin you wish to maintain can be set. The commission and the Tax rate can also be applied to the product.

amazon margin tracker

The [Next] button will allow you to move on to the following section for Shipping costs where we will be able to integrate a shipping grid. There are rules put in place by default, however it is possible to add new rules to take into account the weight of your products.

amazon smart price configuration

We will then be clicking on [Next] to move on to the following step which will handle the seller ID on the Amazon marketplace. This section allows you to identify your seller ID on Amazon to associate it your Smart Price account. An integrated search engine will allow you to find your ID with ease.

amazon smart price configuration

In the event that you are unable as you do not currently sell on Amazon and that you simply wish to follow the prices, you can click on the [Skip] button to move on to the next step.

For monitoring and repricing on Amazon we recommend that you input your Credentials: This allows for your catalogue to automatically be matched as well as the commission Amazon takes.

The credentials are the IDs that represent you on the different Sales Channels.

We have arrived at the final section for the first part of the wizard. Here we have summarised the choices you selected earlier. Once you have verified these are the rules you wish to go ahead with you may click [Next] to set up your second Channel, which will be Google Shopping UK in our guide.

The configuration for this channel will be identical to that of Amazon in terms of the pricing rules and the shipping grid.

Similarly to before, input your seller ID for Google Shopping. Our search engine will work the same as earlier to aid you in finding your seller account.

amazon smart price configuration

Contrary to the Amazon section you will not have to input your credentials

Once more you will be presented with a recap of your choices.

Now that you have configured your sales channels, we will move forwards to the integration and download of your catalogue for your selected channels.

Clicking [Next] will take you to the [Catalogue] section allowing you to choose which products you wish to export, monitor and reprice with Smart Price.

You may equally select to monitor only the products of which you have stock, or those which have parent and child products.

amazon smart price configuration

From here you have access to the list of categories in Prestashop. You may select different categories which you wish to use.

amazon smart price configuration

For the following step once you have clicked [Next] you will notice that Smart Price is in the midst of downloading your product catalogue which will allow it to finalise the configuration.

The loading bar visualises how far along the treatment of the catalogue is.

The necessary matching process of your products and the repricing of those products is now being handled by our servers.

You will be notified via email as soon as this is complete

The Smart Price wizard has now finished, and the tool is now correctly installed.

Would you like a tailored configuration? Contact our team today for their assistance. You will then be able to refine your pricing strategy and implement it in Smart Price. Your own unique, personalised and tailored Smart Price (Complex price rules and tailored algorithms).

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