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June 3rd 2019
Smart Price 2.0 - Cloud Edition

Smart Price, the solution for competitive intelligence and repricing by Pricing Lab is coming over to the Cloud.

Focusing on exclusive technology of data collection and a high performance repricing engine, Smart Price allows through a new and advanced modern interface, to prepare and manage a dynamic pricing strategy from all web browsers and mobile platforms.

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Smart Price 2.0 - Cloud Edition

Smart Price 2.0 : What’s changing ?

Smart Price 2.0 will be available from the 3rd of June 2019. In this brand new version rediscover the entirety of the essential features of your competitive intelligence and repricing solution.

New features of 2019

Fresh off the heels of Smart Price’s success which boasted unbeatable performance for all professionals in e-commerce, with a blank page the team at Boost My Shop set out to create the best possible user experience.
Developed in React Redux, Smart Price 2.0 integrates perfectly with all web and phone browsers.

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Self-ruling Solution

Web access ! The possibility to access your Smart Price account anywhere at any time no matter the screen.

Secure, fast and available, no extension to install or configure on your system and your server. Smart Price 2.0 is an on demand solution without technical and financial inconveniences linked to a specific installation, maintenance or update..

The Magento, Prestashop and Shopify servers are often heavily slowed down, but Smart Price 2.0 was constructed to facilitate implementation, and to lighten the load of pricing calculations done with the dynamic pricing throughout the infrastructure.

No update is needed : Smart Price 2.0 will continually evolve. Regularly discover brand new features by logging onto your account.

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Fast and Ergonomic

A design built around ergonomic intuitivity, this new platform brings all the comfort and simplicity of usage. Reduced loading times, instant displays with the React Redux technology which adapts with ease.

Discover a space organised with the goal of saving time and maximising performance.

In the blink of an eye, identify the state of your pricing and the performance on the entirety of your sales channels.

Key indicators to help improve your pricing strategy with ease.

The help center and notificationsallow you to always be alerted when changes and data are being treated

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About Smart Price
Dynamic and automatic repricing in total security

E-commerce requires adapted price positioning more than any other market. With a multitude of sales channels, an overabundance of competitors, customers are quickly able to benefit from the best offers. To answer these constraints at all times, a repricing solution is essential.

How do we apply the correct margin to cover all costs? Which position should be chosen in relation to the competition? Volume vs Margin, how is it managed correctly?

Smart Price 2.0 was built to determine the most effective pricing strategy whilst maximising the potential for sales and to preserve profitability indispensable to the development of the activity.

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We realised that there was a dire need on the end of sellers on the internet, a strong demande, and that the competition was already using these tools

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Mastery of margins

Smart Price 2.0 is the solution of professionals that wish to secure and preserve their margins.
Keep control of sales at a loss and reduce errors

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Personalised Repricing

Partnered with your business, Smart Price 2.0 adapts to all aspects of your activity by applying strategies that you have built. Our team is by your side to help construct more precise pricing rules which can be adapted based on your objectives.


Smart Price 2.0 is a SaaS solution, accessible from a monthly subscription, without commitment to duration.
The price of Smart Price 2.0 is fixed no commission on your sales is taken.
Installation, online assistance and training are all free and included.

Repricing unique 49

  • Automatic Repricing of Price 1/day
  • From 1000 SKUs
  • Automatic Synchronisation of the Catalogue
  • Competitor Monitoring
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Live repricing 99

  • Automatic Repricing of Price instantly on Amazon
  • From 1000 SKUs
  • Automatic Synchronisation of the Catalogue
  • Competitor Monitoring
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