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Smart Price - real time competition repricer
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Smart Price analyses the market and automatically adjusts sales prices whilst taking into account all your costs and profit margins you desire, it can even implement your specific pricing strategies, you never sell at a loss.

In terms of repricing modules integrated in Prestashop, Smart Price is a entirely secure solution, which is incredibly intuitive for all users of the Prestashop CMS. Thanks to the conversations we have with our Smart Price users, Pricinglab is continuously improving and updating the tool.

The latest release of Smart Price has improve the functionalities and the ease of usage in order to better respond to the needs of the online sellers :

Functionalities of Smart Price Prestashop 1.7

Prestashop Repricer

Simplified user experience

Prestashop smart price

Filter the information with ease

Prestashop Amazon Cdiscount

Compatible with Amazon and Cdiscount common services


The changes primarily concern the user friendly interface of Smart Price.

Prestashop pricing wizard

The user’s experience has been simplified : the most important data is now displayed in real time, direct in Prestashop. Easier to read, the information is selected to allow for faster decision making.

Pricing Wizard

Pricing Wizard : the extension has be reviewed to better respond to the ergonomic needs of the Prestashop platform. The tool allows for an clearer and more legible reception of information for the web-merchant.

The pricing assistant makes all prices calculated by Smart Price visible to the user : so that they may filter the products any which way the like (by marketplaces, product association etc…)

Prestashop repricing

Common services compatibility

The extension is compatible with the latest versions of Amazon and Cdiscount common services. The data that has been analysed in real time and the adjustment in prices are able to be synchronised to the marketplaces and on the site of the seller.

SMART PRICE : Monitoring and Price Update in Real Time

Smart Price is a economic intelligence tool for ecommerce which benefits from an exclusive technology for automatic monitoring.

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