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How Smart Price utilises Google Shopping to create effective adword campaigns

Google Shopping is the number 1 comparison site in the world. Determine which products will be placed ahead on Google Shopping by using adword campaigns. But also what strategies to adopt and how to optimise Google Shopping with Smart Price

Smart Price monitors and analyses competitors’ prices on Google Shopping and automatically adjusts the seller’s price on their website or the marketplaces they are active on.

google shopping position

Which products should you prioritise on Google Shopping?

Google Shopping and Google Adwords are interrelated and complementary to one another: Sellers can adjust their budget on Adwords based on their objectives relating to visibility. How should you decide which products and what budget to put into Google Shopping?

Determine your rank ahead of time on Google Shopping!

Smart Price by Pricing Lab offers an exclusive function that simulates and saves the estimated Google Shopping ranking of a product.

Estimate the rank of a product before even displaying it on Google Shopping

Estimated rank, is the likeliest Google Shopping position of a product calculated by Smart Price. Smart Price can calculate the rank of a product well before it is displayed on Google Shopping

As such it is possible to target in advance which products would yield the most and to avoid investing money in displaying products that would be less visible on Google Shopping.

Estimated 1st place on Google Shopping ?

Google shopping position 1

Prioritise these products on Google Shopping. The budget for Google Adwords will remain stable and the sales guaranteed.

Estimated 2nd or 3rd place ?

Google shopping position 2

Why not put aside a small budget for these products so that they may appear first on the results page on Google and ensure their visibility.

Estimated 4th place and lower ?

Google shopping position 4

Avoid prioritising these products on Google Shopping, other competitors will be better placed and would receive more traction than your product.

Put in place a budget for Adwords on products with greater potential

Other Positionning Strategies

Destocking Strategy

Google shopping destockage

The seller will be able to increase their sales by decreasing prices to empty their stocks rapidly

High Demand Strategy

Google shopping strategy

The seller will be able to increase the margin on products with low return, reducing the average basket, the sales will be decrease but the returns will be greater

Anticipate Procurement

Google shopping supply

The seller will be able to check the estimated ranks of their articles on Google Shopping to better anticipate the need to increase the stock or to negotiate the purchase price

Smart Price acts as a true coach for the marketing and purchase services, it allows you to :

Google shopping Repricer

Automatically adjust the prices on your website 24 times a day

Google shopping adwords

Know which products to reprice and target with Adwords and Google Shopping

Google shopping ranking product budget

Track down less profitable products to reduce their budget


Smart Price is an economic artificial intelligence tool design for e-commerce, benefitting from exclusive automatised competitor monitoring technology.

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