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Smart Price Cloud
Google Shopping Campaign Optimisation

For online merchants, Google Shopping is a powerful tool for product and offer visibility.
Would you like to know in advance your positioning on Google Shopping, product by product? This is possible with Smart Price Cloud and its exclusive functionality: Google Shopping Position Prediction.

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Smart Price 2.0 - Cloud Edition

With advanced monitoring and analysis of the market and all products, Smart Price Cloud calculates and anticipates your future positioning.

You immediately benefit from a clear vision of your sales potential. Moreover, you select and choose only the products to be distributed on Google Shopping and thus manage your AdWords budget more efficiently.

How can you identify and focus on the right products in your catalogue? What pricing strategy should be adopted? How much money should be spent on promoting a certain product via AdWords?

You can answer all these questions by using Smart Price Cloud and its exclusive Position Prediction feature on Google Shopping.

Conquer new markets by making your AdWords budget far more profitable and exceed all your sales objectives. Test your estimated position for Google Shopping today !

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Beyond repricing

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Buy well, to sell well

Check upstream if your supplier's prices allow you to be well positioned on Google Shopping.

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Competitive benchmarking

Analyse the competition's products and identify new opportunities to position yourself. Observe and identify products with high profitability.

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Are you planning a major inventory reduction? Calculate new positioning with an aggressive price on google shopping and instantly increase your sales to quickly sell your stock.

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Strong Demand

Increase the margin on low availability or shortage products. You keep stock by controlling sales and maximising your revenues.

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The Position Prediction function on Google Shopping allows you to anticipate a larger supply and offers additional trading leverage.

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Share the data

Export CSV files for all your teams! For each product with its SKU, find data such as the position measured/estimated, the price measured and the number of competitors.

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