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Frequently asked questions

Last Updated on May 31, 2017


Smart Price/Price Tracker/Carl : You can track unlimited number of products ! Choose as you wish : track your entire catalog or only one part to begin. You are not limited on products to track.

Smart Price/Price Tracker/Carl : Yes ! Knowing the attribute allows us to match your items with competition ones. Anyway, Carl is also able to propose products that looks like yours.

Smart Price/Price Tracker : It’s possible ! Our Tool will match your products with competitor ones.

Standard subscribers will receive a daily price update. Premium subscribers benefit from 4 price updates per day.
Smart Price :
You can choose to reprice once a day (single), or several times a day : multi or even live repricing (once every 3 minutes).


Unlimited. Our repricing tool works with our worldwide servers so it’s not greedy, you can track every competitors you wish !

Yes. Each of our client account is unique : there is no limit on tracking websites.

You can track your competitor's website too ! Find out some relevant informations such as pricing history, company’s information and much more…


Yes, we can. Our pricing intelligence tools can track this and it’s not taking any longer than with a visible price.

Yes, our pricing intelligence tools are able to track this prices ! We developed a complete price tracker which detects every useful information on a website and matches them with your items.

Of course ! With Smart Price, you can even let the tool handle this itself. After defining your pricing strategy thanks to rules such as your minimum margin, your delivery fees, minimum cost, stock levels...Smart Price will automatically adjust your prices and you’ll not lose money.

How does it work

Thanks to our experts, we’ll define together your pricing rules and you will be trained even if our tools are very intuitive. And if you can’t do anything our support will be glad to help you.

Definitely not. Every information is confidential. We only provide you information we track for you and no one else is involved. You have your own interface and your competitors can’t have access to it. Actually we don’t even tell your competitors that you’re using our repricer.

Smart Price :
Yes, in fact you can reprice once, 24 times a day or 480 times a day MINIMUM. Smart Price Plus is able to do live repricing : for example you reprice in less than 3 minutes on Amazon. For the moment it’s the fastest existing repricer.
Carl & Price Tracker : You can't make auto price adjustments, you'll need Smart Price for that !

Smart Price : In the case of Smart Price, "good price" does not mean "being the cheapest" because the tool includes 2 additional notions:
auto define your price one cent below

  • the price of the lowest priced competitor : once it’s not available anymore, you’ll take his place
  • or buy box winner’s price

Our goal is to maximize in real time the margin of our merchants.

Smart Price : We take care of the installation.
Smart Price / Price Tracker : You will be able to manage our extension directly in your cms back office, no need to connect to another API.
Carl : Our Price Watcher tool does not require a software supplement as it is a SaaS* online portal. Your username and password alone provide full access.

Smart Price /Price Tracker : As in your CMS Back Office, every authorised users can use your account
Carl : You can register up to 10 users on one account and each user is granted full access to CARL’s services. With this feature, your marketing, sales, and sector managers can each keep a close watch on the updates that pertain to their job.

Yes, our repricing sofware SmartPrice includes the possibility to download your own csv files anytime with your new prices.

Smart Price : There could be several reasons :

  • you are logged in, so Amazon will treat you as any other client : Amazon will not suddenly show you a different price, it would not be good for the marketplace.
  • Also, it can depend on what browser you’ll use : price adjustments will be displayed differently.
  • Finally, Marketplaces are using information on their users : cookies, etc.. So if you check your price you’ll be treated as a regular customer identified, and showing you a different price one minute after changing it would not be clear for the marketplace.


Carl/ Smart Price :
Subscriptions are billed monthly and there is no minimum subscription period. Your subscription will be billed on the same day every month, corresponding to the calendar date on which the account was created.There is no engagement, you can stop your subscription anytime without any additional fees.
Price Tracker : Using Price Tracker depends on credits : every price update will cost one credit.

Access to our tools is based on a monthly subscription that is billed automatically.We accept payment by VISA, MasterCard, and PayPal.Payment set-up is quick and easy, and can be cancelled at any time with this contact form.

Yes, as long as you’re satisfied we’ll automatically extend your monthly subscription.