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Success story.

Jenny Gray - Purple Holly

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We aim to maximise our sales online and therefore sell on our own website, Amazon and Ebay
success story purple holly

Our e-commerce store

Purple Holly is an online shop specialising in stylish home gifts and accessories. We were formed on 1st April 2012. Concerning our development surrounding our business activity, we aim to maximise our sales online and therefore sell on our own website, Amazon and Ebay.

Of course Retail is a very competitive environment, that's why We always keep abreast of our competition as we aim to beat on customer service, quality and retain and competitive price. As we trialled repricing solutions such as Xsellco and the amazon repricing platform, we had no preconceptions as we knew how it worked from our previous trial.

The discovery & the integration of a repricing solution

We did a google search online : we were looking for a repricing solution that would run from the magento platform and covered Google and Amazon to ensure we were competitive whilst at the same time maximising profits. Smart Price offered this solution.

From the beginning, we had a very good relationship with Princinglab's team. They allocated a representative to train us and set us up Smart Price and when we came across some issues they contacted me and presented their solution which was dealt with effectively and in very good time. They took my goals and strategies and integrated them in Smart Price as personalised rules to make them fit into our pricing strategy.

success story purple holly
They took my goals and strategies and integrated them in Smart Price as personalised rules
success story purple holly

The impact on Purple Holly

We have only been running Smart Price for the past 3 months but already we have experienced an uplift in sales by 20% in comparison to like for like sales in the past 12 months. We are no longer selling at a loss as we have set a minimum profit margin, once all our costs have been taken into account.


We have a better insight into competitors and have been able to reduce our Google advertising spend as all our products are now competitive. Smart price has saved us time and effort in doing manual checks against our products and is more accurate as our products are automatically repriced each day. More products have been won on the Amazon buy box. We haven't noticed a sizeable increase in our profit yet as it is still early days.

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+53% Buy Boxes

success story purple holly picto

no loss of sales

success story purple holly picto

+20% sales

success story purple holly picto

no more wasting time

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Us and Smart Price

The prizing wizard functionality is the most useful as it is easy to use and we can see at a glance what margin we are making on each product/brand. Automatic adjustments to different behaviours - cautious, moderate, agressive - can be made easily on a daily basis to ensure we are competitive.

The modification to prices are easy to filter into specific channel i.e. Google or Amazon and any changes are to instant. This functionality also highlights products that are being sold by competitors at either a good profit or very little profit, which informs our future buying strategies. The rules are a very good feature and they can be easily updated by ourselves/ or the Smart price team doing from your own Magento.

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The tools has saved us time and money in monitoring prices of products and ensuring we are competitive. We are now confident we are spending money on Google advertising in the right areas. Our Google spend has reduced due to all products now being competitive. We do not need to recruit more staff to monitor competiveness of our products - we have over 1000 products. This saves on overhead and Smart price is more accurate than monitoring manually, with less errors and better sales prices, and profit margins.Integrated in Prestashop, Smart Price is fully secured. Discover Smart Price Easy Setup : the easy to install, easy to configure, get started immediately.

My Advice to web merchants

Accurate bar codes and pricing information must be updated against each product before Smart Price is introduced as bar codes identify the product. Good communication with the Smart Price team is essential especially during set up to ensure that it works for you and is switched on when you are ready.

Smart price has increased sales on our own website and we are also making more sales on Amazon. It is difficult to remain competitive on Amazon as they take a large fee, however, if you have a unique, popular product you can maximise your sales by increasing your profit margins where there is no competitor or when your competitors are out of stock of a certain item.

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Smart Price does take some time to set up so it is important to dedicate the resources to setting up this product. Also you will need a good web developer who can sort out any implementation/compatability issues prior to installing Smart Price.

success story purple holly image
success story purple holly image

Goals and Plans to come

We do not anticipate more platforms, however, we may look to introduce another website running out of magento specialising in affordable gifts this year, which would mean a larger catalogue. However, it would be great if Smart Price could analyse Ebay in the future.


About the autor
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We are a family owned business and created the Purple Holly website on 1st March 2013. We specialise in stocking stylish home accessories and gifts and offer customers a friendly, personalised service.

Jenny Gray