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Best Seller, exclusive to Smart Price: Target and Boost your Best Products

The Pareto Principle in business is a renowned term relating to the 80/20 rule : 80% of sales are realised by 20% of the products for sale.
Best Seller is an option exclusive to Smart Price which allows for a higher frequency of repricing on the portion of your product catalogue which brings in the most sales, ensuring the success of those products.


How does Best Seller for Smart Price function ?

Based on your sales history, categorise the products that you would consider your Best Sellers. List the sales channels, the frequency of repricing up to 6x an hour and everything is set in place. Your other products will be repriced normally in single repricing (once per day) or multi repricing (multiple times a day).

Marketplaces / Comparison Sites

It is possible to have Smart Price to focus on a part of your catalogue and the different marketplaces or comparison sites: La Fnac, Rakuten-Priceminister, Rueducommerce, Darty and Google Shopping.

High Frequency of price updates:

Best Seller is unmatched by the competition of Smart Price, no other service is able to provide the frequency or speed of Best Seller. Thanks to this exclusive technology, Best Seller maintains an unparalleled level of service. The benefits acquired from Buy Box are spectacular and you will be unrivaled by your competition.


from 19€/month

The option to boost sales for all of your products

Whether you wish to concentrate your efforts on the products that generate the most sales, maintain your leading position on the market or to destock out of season products, Best Seller will ensure you have the best sales position.

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