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[Amazon SEO] The 8 best techniques to optimise the visibility of your products on Amazon

How does it work

A rapidly increasing number of buyers are searching for products directly on Amazon’s search engine, However, only 30% of those users will go to the second page, meaning it is crucial for the seller to class their products correctly on the search engine, in order to increase sales. Similarly to Google, there are beneficial practices for Amazon SEO to appear in the first results page on Amazon.

To find these keywords there exists different tools
* Amazon Autosuggest : Amazon autocomplete or search suggestion tool
* Amazon Keyword Tool: this Amazon tool establishes a ranking for long tail keywords by relevance and country

The product sheet content :
The keywords should be implemented in the title and the description of the Amazon product sheets for content with an better SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
The content should not necessarily be long, but pertinent, descriptive, optimised and well put together with a title, bullet points etc...

In the field “keywords” 5 keywords may be added, here the seller may add the words they did not use in the title or in the content of the product sheet.

The marketing part of the content aids in finalising a sale : describing the advantages and interests of a product and the solutions it brings.

* Avoid “Duplicate Content” : Using the same descriptions of the products as the website increases the likelihood of losing visibility on that website as Google prioritises Amazon. Therefore it is not recommended to use an extension that automatically creates product sheets based off the initial content on the website.

amazon icon

Images it is important to provide multiple images of the product in excellent quality. The primary image is the most important : it must be in HD with a white background, whilst correctly representing the product.

Categorisation : The classification of products has a direct impact on visibility. You need to analyse the different Amazon categories and class the articles in an accurate and coherent manner.

Price : With competition surrounding you on Amazon, pricing is of fundamental importance. Smart Price allows you to take in daily competitive intelligence by gathering prices and providing automatic repricing of goods all whilst maintaining secure profit margins.

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Thanks to the option of exporting the catalogue through excel, the seller can carry out a few changes before going live (search and replace, correction of characters, addition of information, etc…).

tuto amazon validation excel

The Seller Central Europe allows the management of different european platforms via a unique back office.

For,,,,, a new Amazon account must be opened, these platforms can only be managed from the Seller Central Europe.

If the seller has a website running on Magento, they will be able to manage all their Amazon accounts from a single Magento interface using Amazon Extension.

The seller can synchronise the offers from different Amazon platforms by basing itself on the main platform.
It is also possible to define different pricing rules specific to the platform.

amazon products

Smart Price will allow for the automation and follow-up of changes in price on each platform.

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Amazon offers sellers translation services for the translation of product sheets.

Amazon equally requires a return address for products in the country concerned. It is possible to utilise postal services : to send a return label to the customer and to ask that they drop off the package at the postal services of the country.

The seller can ask for help from suppliers such as salesupply

The seller may equally take charge of the return (use a colissimo return label, define a drop off/pick up location, a delivery by a transporter to the customer’s home etc…)

If you sell products under your own brand it is recommended that you register the brand to the Amazon brand registry

Template to register your brand

Products added to the brands registry will receive a CGID numbers, which allows the content to be favored compared to the other sellers and to sell products that do not have EAN codes (UPC or GTIN).

Amazon FBA : Fulfillement by Amazon
Products delivered by amazon are favored and put in front. This allows the customer to select the premium option for that product.

Free shipping
Offers with the free shipping are better positioned in the results pages. It is also one of the criterias needed to obtain Amazon Buy Box

Amazon Giveaway :
Only available for the United States, this service allows sellers to create competitions for giveaways.

Amazon Ads :

  • Amazon Media Group: ad campaigns managed by Amazon
  • Amazon Sponsored Products: campaigns by auction or cost per click on keywords

Flash Sales :
The seller will have a space made available for their limited time offers.

Certain tools that manage statistics, for potential sales or the study of competition highlight products with strong potential in order to dedicate more marketing campaigns for improved effectiveness.
By examining the competition and the changes on the market, a seller will be able to better target which products to buy or which products to dedicate more time to to better sell them.

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To entice customers in leaving a review on articles, a seller can adopt different methods:
By sending an automatic email, the seller may invite the client to share their personal experience.

The mail must be simple and open : “Share your experience of your product with other customers, this takes less that 5 second..”

mail icon

Amazon Vine(Amazon’s club for testers) A seller can send products to Amazon testers for free to receive feedback and reviews.

Snagshout(Only available in the United States): This tool allows the seller to offer products with a discount in return for reviews and customer feedback on the product.

Amazon promotion (Only available in the United States): Similarly to Snagshout, it is possible to offer promotions on products for customer reviews.

It is recommended to keep up and follow what the reviews say, respond to questions asked including negative comments : this content will be visible to all, a professional and reassuring image must be upheld.

It is essential to regularly manage the content on this page as it can influence the SEO.

Amazon also offers templates with which the seller can personnalise their Storefront and insert images, texts and links:

page produits amazon
amazon guide
smart price