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Retailers, E-Commerce sellers or Market Place specialists, you sell your products on many different channels.

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Are you facing competition?
Are their prices constantly changing leaving you with the task of trying to keep up to no avail ?
Discover how Smart Price, an automatic repricing tool, could allow you to save time and money whilst still getting ahead of the competition.

Stalking the competition

Keeping an eye on your competitors is essential when it comes to business, and this is especially true in e-commerce.

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Manually checking up on the competition on Google Shopping, or on Market Places, is slow and tedious.
Our tools will do it for you reliably and automatically 24/7.
The information is gathered, put together and made available to you instantly to save you time.

Reporting & analysis

Our competitive intelligence tools analyse the products, brands, and the relating competition.

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These analyses and reporting tools give you a complete view of your market.
Having an understanding of the events or causes that affect your sales puts you in control.


Tracked products


Number of price reading


Number of repricing events

The fastest, the most complete and reliable

100% Exclusive Technology! We have developed our own competitive intelligence tool, which allows us to offer you the most comprehensive information possible. Do not wait any longer to find out exclusive information on your competition.

  • API Independent
  • No limitations
  • 360 ° Vision

Information comes to you naturally

Tired of using reporting tools with incomprehensible user interfaces that are only accessible from an external site? Our price monitoring extensions are directly available from your website as Magento extensions, PrestaShop Addons, or Shopify Applications..

  • Simple implementation
  • Total CMS Synchronization
  • No incompatibility

Comprehension and mastery of the costs

Having comprehensive information made available to you allows you to take those decisive and rapid decisions needed to push your e-commerce business.
Knowing all the costs that come into play helps you in managing your commercial activity in terms of sales channels, products or brands..

  • An intelligent pricing engine
  • Customisable management rules
  • Safe and Secure


We have been using Smart price for a few months now. It takes some time to set up and fine-tune it. But once that is done, it works and does what it needs to do! Prices are always up to date, adapting to our competitors, Not selling to high, but also not to low. Support works great! Tickets are resolved really fast, and they think in solutions. I would recommend it !

Klemart 3D.

This product is very powerful and excellent for Amazon integration. You get what you pay for in terms of robustness of features. Most importantly, as we stumbled some during the setup, the customer support team is fabulous and responsive. I recommend this product.

Dorian G.

ECommerce, retailers & distributers

  • Price tracker

    Price tracker

    Price reporting

  • Watch the competition
  • Track product prices
  • Define the selling price
  • collection

    Smart Price

    Repricing software

  • Automatic Price Adjustment
  • Increase your sales on Marketplaces
  • 24/7 – Assistance
  • collection


    Price intelligence reports

  • An accurate market overview
  • Spy on all your competitors
  • Competitor Analysis